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From The Staff Of CPS Concerning COVID-19


It is important to the CPS Staff that not only our clients stay safe but our community during this trying time. There is no stronger country, state, or community then the one in which we live in.


It is important to us that everyone does their part to help prevent the spread of this unwanted illness, it is also important for everyone to remember that this trying time will pass soon. During this time CPS currently has alternate and flexible reporting available.


Call your probation officer for more information. If you do not get an answer the 1st time, please keep trying due to higher call volume.


Please be safe, stay focused, and up to date with any court requirements.


God bless you, your family, and the USA.

COVID-19 Alternative Reporting Available

CPS Offices are providing alternative reporting due to Corona COVID-19. Clients are instructed to contact their probation officer to set up alternate reporting such as on-line reporting, phone reporting or mail-in until further notice. Call today for more information.

Your Court Dates May Have Changed

Your upcoming court date(s) may have changed. If you have an upcoming court date(s), please contact your local Circuit Court Clerk in your county to stay informed of new dates as they become available.

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